Watch Out for Me in 2013!

I’m very excited for 2013 to be here, especially because it means that all of the shows I’ve been working on will finally be premiering! Since moving to New York City in October 2011, I’ve managed to be in a few TV shows and movies. Seeing myself actually on screen for the first time this fall in “Person of Interest” was a very happy moment for me.

I have put together a guide for anyone interested in checking out the shows that I’ve been working on. Some of them are new this year, and others have been around for a few seasons.

1. NBC’s DECEPTION Mondays at 10PM Premiering January 7th

The first preview episode of “Deception” is already online, so I watched it the other day and it seems like an interesting concept. It is a mystery/crime/drama about a death in a wealthy family. I am anxiously awaiting watching the next episode because I am hoping it will be the one where I am a more featured extra. After filling in for an actor that didn’t show up to set, I was able to be in a scene with the main character played by Ella Rae Peck, and she was really nice to work with. Watch out for me on a bench in Central Park.

2. NBC’s SMASH Tuesdays at 9PM with Season two’s premiere  February 5th, 2013

If I’ve calculated correctly, I should be appearing in 5 episodes of  “Smash” Season 2. Make sure to check out the exciting performances of  Katharine McPhee, Debra Messing, Megan Hilty and others in this show about the drama behind the scenes of Broadway performances. “Smash” was a lot of fun to work on, I was lucky enough to attend a few parties, some special performances, and got a sneak peak into what promises to be an exciting season.

3. CBS’s PERSON OF INTEREST  Thursdays at 9PM Returning January 10th

I had the pleasure of catching a few seconds of myself in a club scene of the 3rd episode of this season  of “Person of Interest,” and it was cool to see Jim Caviezel on set. I’ll be appearing in another episode near the end of this season.

4. CBS’s GOLDEN BOY Fridays at 10PM starting with previews Feb. 26th & March 5th.

Golden Boy is a new show on CBS about a NYPD officer played by Theo James. There doesn’t seem to be an official website for it yet, but it seems to be more than a typical crime drama. I’ll be in two episodes this season. In one of them I will be eating breakfast right behind Theo.

5. ABC’s ZERO HOUR Thursdays at 8PM Premiering February 14th

I’m excited for Zero Hour to premiere because I think it will be a show with a very interesting plot. I feel like it will be a combination of the “National Treasure” and “The Da Vinci Code” movies.  I’ve done two episodes so far, one that took place in a church was fun to film with Anthony Edwards (Goose!).

6. FOX’s THE FOLLOWING Mondays at 9PM Premiering January 21st

“The Following” on Fox is about an FBI agent following the path of a serial killer who has his own “fan club” of sorts. It seems like a new idea, and could potentially be a suspenseful drama. I was lucky enough to be in a party scene with Kevin Bacon himself.

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